• Peo Drangert

Upload audio

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

All audio deliveries must be uploaded in Voicemachine. Do not, in any case, deliver directly to the client via mail or cloud services. All files will be dynamically processed and automatically named in Voicemachine and stored with the project. Upload 48 kHz 24 bit or 16-bit mono wav or aif unless the customer asks for 44,1 kHz. Basic editing is included and required unless the customer specifically asks you not to edit. Upload as one basic edited file per take (i.e. removal of mistakes, noises). Leave at least 1 second of silence at the start and/or end on all uploaded files. This is to make sure our processing algorithms can detect the noise level. Do not zip audio files! Max 200 MB per uploaded file (split larger files). Comment uploaded audio files in the chat, not in the filename as we will rename all uploaded audio as Take 1, Take 2, etc for easy communication with the client.


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