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Some of our clients:

”Very happy! Very professional & easy to use! You’re my new favorite service provider! :D “
Hanna Blanksvärd - AHA Produktion


Why Voicemachine?

In Voicemachine you will find the same premium voices also offered by major voice-over studios but at a much more competitive and predictable price. All you need in one easy to use web app that works across all platforms. Quick support if you should need it!

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Fixed-price, no surprise!

We offer a fixed-rate cost of €395 in our easy to start self-service ’VO for Web Video’ package. Use this package for product films, events, instructional videos, etc. 
Usage: Non-paid ads in perpetuity (social media boost usage can be added).

Prices (ex VAT):

- Script up to 500 words €395 (one language/voice-talent/script/video)

- 500 extra words + €100

- Extra videos to be recorded in the same session + €150 for the first and then €100

- Social media boost 3 months + €150 (max €1500 boost budget)

- Social media boost 12 months + €300 (max €6000 boost budget)

- Pickups within 30 days after approval €195 (max 250 words)

Always included in the price:

- Usage in perpetuity (non-paid ads or products for sale).

- Direct contact with the voice-talent for easy communication

- Custom demo, basic editing, and dynamic loudness mastering

- Listen in (when the talent supports it)
- Project backup. All files, agreements, and receipts are stored with the project.

Other fixed price services are:
- Audio Description (available in Swedish and English). From €295

- VO for Telephone/IVR. From €295

- VO for Internet paid ads Sweden (Max 60s) From €495

- VO for E-Learning (Internal use). From €295


For advertising campaigns or any other kind of project that will need manual help. Start a Paid ads/other project and describe what you want to do and we will help you out with a quote and a customized project!

For a series of films with the same voice-talent not to be recorded in one session or any other large scale production we can offer discounts. To get a quote contact Voicemachine.


About Voicemachine

Voicemachine is a business-to-business web-app designed specifically for professional voice-talents and media-clients. We’ve simplified the process of selecting and recording voices by putting clients in direct contact with the voice-talents they select. All project-files, chats, file-transfers, and payments are handled directly in the app. No user-fees or monthly subscriptions are required. 


Voicemachine was founded in 2019 by a team of media-professionals with over 25 years of experience in media & voice production. Voicemachine is part of the Sting accelerate program. Sting is the leading ecosystem in the Nordics for startups with high growth potential. www.sting.co/en 

What makes us different?

Rather than paying for expensive media-studios and fancy addresses, we’ve streamlined the process by working only with experienced and approved professional voice-talents who have their own recording setups. Each talent provides an example recording of what their voice and studio sound like together, so you always know what to expect when you receive your project recording. It’s also possible to ask for custom demos in order to hear the voice in the context of specific projects. Studio-time, basic editing and the original unprocessed recording plus 3 different dynamically mastered and loudness adjusted files are always included in the price. Use our fixed price offer or ask for a Custom Project if your project doesn't fit.

Voicemachine in 50 seconds

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