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Real voices 
made easy!

Get seamless access through our platform and experience the same high-quality voices featured in professional voice-over studios.

We are an accredited voice-over

platform designed to deliver quality

without you having to pay $$$$

for that studio coffee.

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Discover the power of Voicemachine

Unlock studio quality voices with unmatched ease and efficiency. Experience a faster, smoother, and cost-effective alternative for elevating your projects beyond studio capabilities.

  • Average delivery within 24 hours

  • Professional voices at fixed prices

  • Quick support

An audio solution to level up your workforce


1. Find a voice

Explore and listen to demos of our curated pool of professional voice talents.

2. Get a free demo 

Request a custom demo from the talents, and they will record a part of your script.

3. Recording session

Participate in a live directed session or let the talent record on their own. 

4. Use in your project

Download dynamically loudness-mastered files to fit your project perfectly.

A burst of inspiration

Whether you seek to inform, inspire, entertain, or persuade, our voice talents 
are the embodiment of excellence in storytelling.

Miriam Molitor
Joakim Gunby
Johannes Trossö
Christina Bjorn
Alix Perry
”Great and fast response, amazing work! ”

Valentina Carmona

Byte London

Frequently asked questions

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