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How to work in Voicemachine. Voice-talent introduction.

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Voicemachine is chat driven and you will have direct contact with the client in the chat. Use the chat to decide a date for recording, ask questions about the project and upload files.

The client can shortlist and chat with up to 3 voices before deciding who to work with. Be prepared to answer questions about availability or maybe even to record a custom demo but don't negotiate fees or usage as that is already set by Voicemachine. Projects are in general fixed price projects that you just can accept or deny. If you have any questions, contact Voicemachine. When a client decides to hire you, they will assign you to the project. Next, you’ll be notified in the Chat to view the agreement and all project details before you accept it. When you accept the job, the money is withdrawn from the client’s credit card and held by Voicemachine in an account in your name. This ensures that payment for an approved job is guaranteed, but only after client approval.

When you have accepted the project assignment you can start recording. Invite the client to listen in when needed as this will save you retakes. You can edit the script in the web app in case you would like to add notes, insert commas, etc. Use the app on your phone or iPad to read the script when recording. It’s silent when scrolling and harms no trees;-)

Any big changes in the script should always be cleared with the customer. Short scripts can mean lots of takes but longer scripts will be just fine with one or two takes. Normally a 2-3 minute web video needs 2-3 takes in slightly different styles & tempos to make the customer happy. Chat with the client and ask about their needs before you start to record. It’s up to you to decide how to work and make the client happy.

If the client requests a Live session the delivery will be seen as approved when the session is over. Otherwise, free performance retakes are included.

In the case, the client behaves unprofessionally or makes changes you have not agreed upon, contact Voicemachine and we will help you out. Unless the customers tell you NOT to edit the recordings, basic editing is always included in the price. This means the removal of mistakes and unwanted sounds like coughs, heavy unnatural breaths, etc. Not taking away all breaths and minimal mouth clicks. That's fine editing and not included in our prices. The edited file should represent the script and have a good flow. Upload good, clean recordings with proper signal levels. Do not apply excessive amounts of EQ. An HP- filter at 65-100Hz and some minor EQ to taste will do. Avoid heavy compression or other forms of dynamic processing. This is because Voicemachine will automatically create Dynamiacally-processed, loudness-adjusted files as a complement to your original uploaded file. We prefer 48 kHz, 24 bits wav or aiff files for uploads but 16 bits and 44,1 kHz also work. Do not upload mp3 files or other data-reduced formats. Note! Please try to leave a second or two at the start or end of the file. This way our algorithms can analyze the audio in a better way. All uploaded files will be named by Voicemachine as take 1, take 2, etc. Your naming will not be visible to the client! Comment the uploaded takes in the "comment field" during upload or in the chat if necessary (E-learning excluded). Low-quality files will automatically be created for client evaluation. If the client thinks something is wrong they will ask for a retake. The client has up to 15 days to approve a recording (Pickup policy). When the client approves your delivery you will receive a self-billing invoice and money will be paid out to your bank account (available on your bank account within 10 days if you have automated payouts, 30 days if you have manual payouts).

No need for you to send us an invoice! We will use the issued Self-billing invoice in all cases. All your projects will be stored in Voicemachine and audio files, agreements and self-billing invoices will be stored with the project.

If the customer asks for extra services not included in the fixed price offer agreement, have them contact Voicemachine and we will find out what they want and then contact you to set prices & terms for a Custom Project.

We are constantly working to improve Voicemachine and new functions will be added. However, we are always happy to get feedback from you on how to improve Voicemachine.

We hope you like Voicemachine and that we together can make it the best and easiest way to work with clients :-)


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