• Peo Drangert

Pickup policy*

Updated: Mar 22

One minor performance pickup (no script changes) is included up to 15 days after approval. For client-requested script changes after delivery of the initial recording or performance retakes after approval, the following policy applies:

- Within 15 days after approval: Price €195 (maximum 250 words change).

- More than 15 days after approval or more than 250 words change. New project. Ordinary price.

- Mistakes made by the voice-talent are corrected free of charge up to 15 days after initial delivery

(even if the project is approved).

Note: We will do our best to match the sound and timbre in pickups but there’s no guarantee it will be a perfect match. The human voice varies from time to time. * General Policy. Custom projects may differ in Policy. See custom agreement in that case.


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