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Pickup policy*

Updated: May 26, 2023

For client-requested script changes after delivery of the initial recording or performance retakes after approval, the following policy applies if not stated otherwise in the agreement:

- Within 90 days after approval: Price €195 (maximum 500 words change).

- More than 90 days after approval or more than 500 words change. New project. Ordinary price.

- Mistakes made by the voice talent are corrected free of charge up to 15 days after initial delivery

(even if the project is approved).

Note: Small text changes (a word or two) can sometimes be fixed for free if the talent agrees on to do so. Just ask in the chat. If it's to be handled as a paid Pickup before the project is approved, just approve the original project. When approved an Order Pickup "button" will appear in your project. Press the Order Pickup "button" to start a Pickup project and continue your project in the Pickup project. We will do our best to match the sound and timbre in pickups but there’s no guarantee it will be a perfect match. The human voice varies from time to time. * General Policy. Custom projects may differ in Policy. See the custom agreement in that case.


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