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How to Export Audio with Legacy LUFS Preset Settings (Old Noise Reduction Algorithm)

If you are updating an older project where your audio files were exported with the old LUFS preset noise reduction algorithm, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Download audio" in your project.

  2. Select the take/takes you want to export and press "Export selected".

  3. Use the settings in the screenshot below and export.

Note! We used to three different preset options for LUFS (-13, -16, and -23). Set the LUFS level to match that of your original file (as indicated in the filename).

The only difference between the old and new presets lies in the noise reduction algorithm. The old algorithm was static, while the new one is AI-driven and also removes room reflections. As a result, the audio may sound more dry/upfront with the new algorithm. However, perfectly recorded audio will sound the same regardless of the algorithm, as it will not require any treatment. If you have any questions contact the voicemachine team.


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