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How to export your audio in any format.

In Voicemachine you can choose to download the audio as uploaded by the voice talent or as dynamic loudness processed files with the help of our preconfigured presets for web videos (-16 LUFS) or R128 standard (-23 LUFS).

But what if you want your audio in another file format or loudness level?

Now, you can easily download your audio in the format and loudness level of your choice. Plus, we’ve added improved noise reduction algorithms and an Auto EQ feature to enhance your audio quality.

To download your audio with full control of all settings select the audio files you want to export and then press the "Export selected" button in the left upper corner of the Download audio page.

Here’s what you can do with the "Export selected" function:

  • Choose your preferred format and bit rate.

  • Opt for adaptive high-pass filtering or Auto EQ.

  • Enhance low-volume parts with the Adaptive Leveler.

  • Normalize loudness levels for your target media.

  • Apply noise reduction with various algorithms.

And there's also an option to remove excessive breath sounds!

For more details and tips on delivering loudness-correct web videos, check out our blog post here.

Happy creating!

The Voicemachine Team


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