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How to record the studio quality demo

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The studio quality demo is mandatory. It’s the customer’s (and our) reference to what audio quality to expect when hiring you.

The studio quality demo must be recorded in your studio with your standard equipment and exported and uploaded as a 48kHz mono 24-bit or 16-bit wav or aif. Make sure it sounds good as we might reject you if we think it's not up to our standard. Tips! Always use a Pop filter and HP filter around 70Hz. Use EQ to taste and de-esser when necessary. Moderate compression is ok but not necessary. Do not use heavy compression/limiting! We will take care of all Dynamic processes with our advanced algorithms and export to our Loudness standards. To much compression from start leaves no choice to the customer in the mix. Record with plenty of headroom (6 dB or more). Make sure no distortion occurs.

Text to read

“Hi! This is (your name) at Voicemachine and here is an example of what my studio sounds like!”

The text is the same for all voice-overs regardless of your registered language and should be read in English! Read it in a friendly, informative way. English is our platform language and you need to be able to be at least conversational in English for client contact.

Good luck! The Voicemachine team


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