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Download final files. What format should I use?

Updated: Mar 7

We recommend using the -16 LUFS "Mastered for web videos" for all projects that do not require any specific loudness standard.

-16 LUFS works in general on the web and for most other types of productions. By working with the dynamically loudness mastered files they will always have the same audio format and perceived level, regardless of what the voice talent uploaded. This makes it easier to edit takes and to do pickups as they will match in volume. It also makes it easy to produce loudness consistent (see tips: ).

All VO files in your project will be available in the following formats.

Mastered for web videos -16 LUFS

This is the best choice in most situations where no specific standard is specified. This file will work for standard web videos, e-learning, presentations, etc. It is dynamic loudness mastered in a neutral way that works for most cases.

Mastered for TV or R128 - 23 LUFS

Use this for TV (Europe) or any production where the R128 standard is specified.


Use this if you want to do all the work by yourself. It's the file originally uploaded by the voice talent. It can differ in volume between takes as no loudness or dynamical process is added by Voicemachine.

Preview Use this if you would like to share files in an email etc. Preview files are very small and sound good enough to approve or make comments to the recording (the quality is not representative of original audio quality but they are loudness processed for consistent audio levels).

It's also possible to download your audio in any format and with your own settings by selecting the takes you want to export and pressing "Export selected" in the upper left corner on the Download audio page. Read more about what you can do here.


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