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5 important tips when working with voice-talents

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

By following these simple rules you will save time and money by getting it right from the start.

1. Make sure your script is written for the spoken word.

2. Make sure your script fits within any time limits in your project.

3. Make sure the voice talent knows how to pronounce difficult brands or names.

4. Make sure the voice talent knows how you would like the script to be performed.

5. Make sure your script is final!

Use a professional translator who is used to work with voice over and localizations. The extra money this might cost you is well spent as retakes due to bad translation costs even more. Reading speed is often overestimated. 120-140 words per minute will give you a well-articulated and easy to listen to voice-over. Faster reading speeds can be possible but will most often not be any good for your message if you want it to cut thru. If you need to time your script, read it out loud, not “in your head” to your self. Reading in your head will always be to fast (often twice as fast) as you do not need to articulate the words with your mouth. To prevent retakes you should also upload pronunciation guides and if you want, any references that describe how you think it should sound in tempo and style. The easiest way to explain how to pronounce difficult names/words/brands is just to record it on your phone/computer and upload it in the project under Files. Almost any audio format can be uploaded and listened to in a Voicemachine project. References can be uploaded as video files under Files or as links in the Brief/Chat. Note! Do not upload large high res video files. Use highly compressed video formats for fast and easy download. If you use links to Vimeo, don’t forget to give the voice talent rights to download the video. You can also refer to one of the voice talents Voicemachine demos that matches what you are looking for.

Finally, make sure your script is final when you upload it. You might be able to change minor things up until the voice talent records but only if the voice accepts it. Most voices will help you out on the fly during recording to fix minor things, but it’s no guarantee. If your script needs major changes after the voice talent has accepted the assignment or started to record contact Voicemachine and we will help you out.

Read more about how to write a script for spoken word here


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