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Voicemachine Insights: Unveiling the Dynamics of Voice Talent and Client Choices in 2023

When reviewing Voicemachine statistics at year-end, intriguing trends about talents and customer preferences emerge:

  • 80/20 Rule in Action: 20% of our voice talents handle over 60% of jobs, echoing the famed 80/20 principle in the voice-over industry.

  • Leading Ladies: The top six most hired talents are all women, reflecting a growing preference as the majority of jobs are now completed by female talents.

  • Common Backgrounds: Many top talents share a background in singing or acting, infusing their work with a special dynamic.

  • Distinctive Sound: Popular voices often feature a unique "low-end mid" quality, providing a solid foundation for a clear upper-mid voice that's easy on the ears.

With client-casted voices in Voicemachine and uniform pricing for all talents, we ensure data is unbiased by price or availability.

Amidst these trends, let's remember—the voiceover world is diverse. While some sounds may be favored, each job demands a unique voice. Ultimately, it's not just about how a voice sounds but the delivery and articulation, showcasing that the art of voiceover extends beyond mere auditory aesthetics.

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