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Start a project - full details

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Starting a project is easy. Our "what's next" function will guide you through the process and show you the current project status and what to do next.

We offer a fixed-rate self-service ’VO for web video’ package. Use this package for product films, events, instructional videos, etc. Basically, use as you wish as long as you do not use it in broadcast, paid ads on the internet, or in any commercial product for sale such as games, web apps, etc. For this, an additional license will be required. For scripts over 1500 words, Broadcast/paid ads, sync to picture, or any other kind of project, contact Voicemachine and we will help you out customize your project!

Prices ’VO for web video’ package (ex VAT) :

- Script up to 500 words €395 (one language/script/film per project)

- 500 extra words + €100

Always included in the price: - Unlimited non-broadcast/non-active commercial use (no paid ads or products for sale).

- Direct contact with the voice-talent for easy communication.

- Custom demo for easy evaluation (just ask for one in the build-in chat).

- Basic editing (i.e. removal of mistakes/noises before uploaded as one file per take). - Unprocessed and by Voicemachine dynamically loudness mastered audio files.

- Listen in (when the talent supports it).

- Project backup. All files, agreements, and receipts are stored with the project.

Note! One language, One script/film, and One assigned voice per project. For multilingual projects, start one project per language. For larger scripts, broadcast/paid ads licenses, personal casting service, sync to picture, or any other kind of project contact Voicemachine for a customized project.

For a series of films with the same voice-talent, we can offer discounts. Contact us for a quote.

Good luck!

The Voicemachine team


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