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Start a project - full details

Updated: Jan 4

Starting a project is easy. Our "what's next" function will guide you through the process and show you the price, current project status, and what to do next.

We offer several simplified self-service "products". All prices ex VAT when applicable.

Always included in the price

- Usage in perpetuity (non-paid ads).

- Direct contact with the voice talent for easy communication.

- Custom demo for easy evaluation (just ask for one in the built-in chat).

- Basic editing (i.e. removal of mistakes/noises before uploaded as one file per take). - Unprocessed and by Voicemachine dynamically loudness mastered audio files.

- Listen in (when the talent supports it).

- Project backup. All files, agreements, and receipts are stored within the project.

Available "products"

VO for web video or Paid Ads

Use this to record VO for web videos or paid ads in any media/market. Usage: Non-paid ads (in perpetuity) or a max media budget for paid ads. Straight cutdowns from the original recording are allowed at no extra cost. One live session or free performance retakes on the given brief are included from start.

Delivered as one or several basic edited files. Download original or dynamically loudness mastered files.

Prices (ex VAT):

- Script up to 150 words €395 (one voice talent/script/video) - Script up to 500 words €445

- 500 extra words + €100

- Extra videos to be recorded in the same session + €150 for the first, + €125 for the second and then + €100 for the third and onwards

- Paid ads usage from +€100 (micro boost max €5000 media budget)

Pickups within 90 days after approval €195 (max 500 words reread)

Start a project to see your price!

VO for Telephone/IVR

Use this to record telephone / IVR prompts.

Usage: Internal non-active commercial use in perpetuity. Delivered as one basic edited file. No file split. Download original or dynamically loudness mastered files.

Prices (ex VAT)

- Script up to 250 words €295

- 250 extra words + €100

Updates at anytime €195 (max 150 words).

VO for E-Learning

Use this for e-learning texts that are to be used within a company or organization for educational purposes (short samples from the e-learning are allowed for public website demos).

Usage: Internal use in perpetuity.

Delivered as named, basic edited files. Choose format and dynamic loudness processing during export.

Prices (ex VAT) Words Price

1000 €395

2000 €595

3000 €795

4000 €995

5000 €1195

6000 €1395

7000 €1595

8000 €1795 9000 €1995

10000 €2195

Updates at any time. From €195 (max 500 words reread, more words - see price list).

VO for Podcast Intro/Outro

Use this to record professional voice-over for intros, outros, and bumpers in podcasts.

Usage: For the show in perpetuity.

Delivered as one Basic edited file per take.

Prices (ex VAT)

- Script up to 250 words €295

- 250 extra words + €100

Updates within 90 days €195 (max 150 words).

Audio Description (Only in Swedish and English)

Use this to get an audio description track for your final web video.

Usage: In perpetuity.

Includes audio description and VO recording. Delivered as one synchronized and loudness-mastered VO file.

Prices (ex VAT)

Max 5 min video €295

6 -10 min video €445 11-15 min video €595

Updates within 90 days €195 (max 250 words/5 min).


Use this for any project that needs manual help. Describe your project and we will help you out with a quote and casting talents.

Note! One assigned voice and one language per project. For multilingual projects or multi-talent projects, start one project per language/talent. For a series of films with the same voice talent not to be recorded in one session or any other large-scale production, we can offer discounts. To get a quote contact Voicemachine.

Good luck!

The Voicemachine team


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