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VO for Paid Ads explained.

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Voicemachine is introducing a new way to work with paid ads with the purpose of simplifying licensing. In this model, there are no restrictions on territory or media. Use your productions as you wish in any media, anywhere as long as your paid advertising budget is within the licensed max paid media budget you have chosen. The time is restricted to 1-year or when the max media budget is reached (whatever comes first).

With this product micro-campaigns to a small target group in several countries can be possible at a reasonable price and large campaigns can be tried out in any media as if it were a full buyout but without having to pay it all upfront. Instead, they can try a campaign at a lower budget and increase it later if it’s successful.

The model will be divided into 3 parts. All prices are ex-VAT when applicable.

Basic session fee is based on the total number of words in the project

Words Price

150 €395

500 €445

1000 €545

1500 €645

2000 €745

Extra spots or spots with alt messages recorded in the same session. Note! Straight cutdowns that are only a shorter version of the original spot and that don't need a separate reading are free of charge. Only new spots recorded in the same session or alt versions that need a separate reading will cost extra.

Extra/Alt spots Price

1 €150

2 €275

3 €375

4 €475

5 €575

Usage (will be added On Top of the basic fee and possible extra spots).

Media budget Usage Example

€5000 €100 Micro campaign paid ads Internet/social media

€50k €300 Pilot campaign paid ads Internet/TVC small market

€200k €600 Big Internet/TVC paid ads campaign in small market

€1m €1200 Big Internet paid ads campaign in big market (or international)

€5m €2400 National TVC campaign in medium market (Uk or similar)

€20m €4800 National TVC/Internet campaign in big market (Us or similar)

€100m €9600 International TVC/Internet campaign in big markets

Example: VO for a paid ad with one alt version and a total script of 150 words and a max paid media budget of €200k (i.e big Internet/TVC paid ads campaign in small market).

Base cost €395 + alt spot € 150 + usage €600 = €1145

Any straight cutdowns are free of charge and can be done freely.

If you would like to do the same campaign but in several countries, you would probably end up spending nearly €1m and it would then look like this

Base fee €395 + alt spot €150 + usage €1200 = €1745

A pilot campaign to try an ad out in several media in a small market would probably just cost €695 (€395+€300 for a €50k paid ad-media budget).

A TVC/Internet in Sweden would probably cost €395+€300 if it's Local or national for a short period €395+€600 if it's national for a year.

Note! There are no restrictions on territory or media. Use as you wish as long as it's within the licensed max paid media budget and max 1-year (whatever comes first). Non-paid ads in perpetuity usage is always included unless other is stated so the spots can be archived online.

One live session or free performance retakes at the given brief when the talent records on their own are included from start. Pickups after a live session or any text changes after the initial recording are €195 (approve the project and order a pickup in the approved project).

If you start with a license that covers a media budget of €50k as a pilot trial and later want to extend the budget, you will have to upgrade to the appropriate level. Post-project added usage (usage to be added after the project is assigned and accepted) will have a €75 admin fee on top of the usage cost for project handling. Contact us ( and we will help you out extend your usage.


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