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How can I use my recordings and what's included?

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Unless other is specified, all recordings in Voicemachine can be used without limitations in time or territory as long as it's non-paid ads (non-paid ads in perpetuity usage). Only paid advertising generally has limits in max media budget (or media, time, and territory). This means that after a paid ad campaign a video can still be visible on non-paid ad platforms such as a company YouTube channel or website in perpetuity unless otherwise stated in the agreement. All recordings in voicemachine also have synchronization rights unless other is specified. This means the voice-over recording is synchronized to the project/video it's intended for. This means you can use it freely in the production it was intended for but you can not use the recording or parts of it for another video/project. Also, you can not sell a recording or parts of it as a separate product. For example, a telephone system recorded for a company can not be sold as a product for other companies and a part of a voice-over for a web film can not be used in a radio commercial or another film production without a special permit. If you have special requests just contact us.

Contact us if you have any questions or specific needs.


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