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I´m not happy the way the voice talent reads my script?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Your payment will not be released until you have approved the received files. You have 15 days to check your files and ask for any retakes. You have free performance retakes if the talent records on their own. If a Live session has taken place the project is considered approved when the session is over. To avoid unnecessary retakes always provide a detailed brief of your project and provide a well-written script (see tips on how to write scripts here).

For "how to read" instructions refer to the talent's demos that best match your idea of performance or add a link to a reference in style, tempo, or tone. You could also listen in (when possible) or give the voice a call before the recording to set tempo/style, etc. This way your chances for a quick and smooth delivery will be much better! NOTE! If you do not comment on or approve a delivery within 15 days it will automatically be considered approved.


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