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Can I process my audio files myself as I always do?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

It depends on how you usually work. There is no need for you to process the audio dynamically as we will make it for you. Upload a nice neutral sound with no or very little compression/limiting. Use EQ to taste and de-essing when necessary but do not overdo it. A pop filter and HP filter around 70Hz will prevent you from any low-frequency problems. The client can use your original audio to process the audio themselves or use our dynamically loudness mastered files. Make sure you always deliver the same audio quality as your uploaded Studio Quality Demo. The Studio Quality Demo is the client's reference and your audio must always have the same quality. The thought behind using automated dynamic processing algorithms is to make it simpler for you and to make sure the client always receive files with the same loudness standard and audio formats.


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