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Await approval

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

The client has up to 15 days to approve your recordings. If the client thinks something is wrong they will ask for a retake. Minimum one round of performance pickups is included (no script changes) within 15 days from initial delivery (even if approved). The script shall be final when you accept the assignment and any script changes can be charged extra for (see our pickup policy) but it's up to you if you like to fix minor text changes or offer several performance pickups for free. Good customer service tends to pay back :-) When the client approves your delivery, they are able to download high-quality file versions. At the same time, you will receive a self - billing invoice and money will be paid out to your bank account. No need for you to send us an invoice (unless you have an invoice deal with Voicemachine). All your audio files, agreements, and self-billing invoices will be stored with your projects. For customer requests after approval see our pickup policy.


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