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Why do I need to enter my legal name, date of birth, etc to register Payouts?

Updated: May 26, 2023

Voicemachine is strictly business to business and we need some information to create legal agreements, self-billing invoices, and automatic payouts to your bank account possible. We only ask for the information needed and do not use it for any other purposes. To handle all payments automatically we use to charge the customer upfront and to pay you as soon as the customer approves your delivery. This way you are guaranteed that the money is there for you and the customer is guaranteed that you will deliver the files to get the money. For this, to work we will create a Voicemachine-controlled Stripe connect account in your name. Stripe by law needs to verify your identity as the owner of the registered company receiving the payouts. Therefore we need to collect the personal data Stripe requires to make payouts possible. The payout registration is handled by via encrypted API and no data is stored on our servers so you will need to fill it out in one session. Your money will, in the end, arrive at your registered bank account as any other bank transfer. Note! If you are not living in a country where we can use automated Stripe payouts we will still need company info and your bank details to issue the self-billing invoice that we will send to finance for manual payout. It's the same information you would give us anyway on an invoice to us.


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