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About voice demos

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

You can upload as many demos as you like. For search relevant results each demo should only represent a specific Language, Dialect, Type of job and Tone of voice. Do not upload mixed showreels. The demos should preferably be 10-20 seconds long and without music / FX intros for instant voice sample access. Select the Age that best describes how the demo sound (not your actual age). If you do not find your Dialect on the list you can add one yourself.

Examples of how to tag Type/Tone: Demo 1

Type: Explainer video, Technical Tone: Instructional, Natural, Warm, Positive.

Demo 2

Type: Radio Commercial Tone: Crazy, Uptempo, Hard, Selling, Fun.

You can upload almost any audio format and sample rate but try to avoid very low bitrates as this might result in bad audio quality. Use stereo for anything with music / FX and preferable mono if it’s voice only. We will loudness correct and re-render all uploaded files to AAC for fast streaming.


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