• Peo Drangert

VO for Internet Paid Ads made easy!

Updated: 3 days ago

VO for Internet Paid Ads made easy! We offer a really convenient way to order VO for Internet Paid Ads in Swedish and Finnish (including Social Media ads). Just start a project (you need to Sign up if you're not already registered) and assign the voice talent you like best for your project. Files are soon delivered as one basic edited file per take, and may be downloaded as original or dynamically loudness mastered files.

Prices (ex VAT)

- Fixed price €495 (max 60s spot, 1 year usage Sweden or Finland).

- One round of revisions is included.

- Any alt spots recorded in the same session will be €250 each.

- Clean cutdowns* are free.

Pickups within 30 days after approval €195 (max 150 words)

*A clean cutdown is a shortened version of the main spot that uses parts from the main spot recording.