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Professional voice talents and AI tools for your voice over project.

Trusted by 200+ users and teams of all sizes

The next generation voice over service

Work anytime

Why Voicemachine?

Quality-checked experienced talents

In Voicemachine you will find the same premium voices recording in their own quality-approved studios also offered by major voice-over studios.

Work safely with fixed prices and uniform agreements.

One legal partner handling all agreements, payments, and file transfers saves you both time and money. Fixed prices. Always see the cost upfront.

Loudness mastering and export tools. 

Use our free dynamic loudness mastering to always get the same format and perceived audio level regardless of what was originally uploaded.

Now with


Handle team members and user rights within your company's profile.

Always included from start

Free custom demos for better casting. 

You can invite and ask for a custom demo from up to 3 voices in a project where they read a few lines from your script for free.

Full project backup for easy reference.

All files, agreements, and receipts are stored within the project. Never lose track of audio files, user rights or what talent you worked with.

Free live session or takes to choose from.

A live session to direct is always included in our VO for Web Video/Paid Ads service. Choose between a live session or free performance retakes.

Basic editing and loudness mastering.

Removal of mistakes before uploaded as one file per take and loudness mastering are always included. E-learning also include file split / naming.

Perpetuity white.png

Non-paid ads usage in perpetuity.

Your production always has non-paid ads in perpetuity usage included. No need to keep track of old productions that are no longer active.

Quick support when you need it.

Voicemachine is there to help if you have questions or special needs. Customized projects, casting tips, just ask and we will help you out!

Our services

Start your fixed-price project in just a few clicks.

Always see the cost upfront!

Playground - Try for free!

Work with the best AI text tools and AI text-to-speech voices available in one simple to use service.
Get ideas, shorten or improve texts or translate scripts quickly and easily with the help of AI. Then listen to or download your script as audio. All AI exports are free to use also commercially. 100.000 character free trial! 

Most hired talents right now

Claire Selim - Chapter 3 Graphics

 to Anna-Rose Miles ”Fantastic delivery and superb communication.  Really impressed, would highly recommend working with Anna-Rose Miles.”


Elin Vinberg
Business Development


Peo Drangert
Co founder


Olle Bodelius
Co founder



Voicemachine is a Swedish company founded in 2019 by a team of experienced media producers and full-stack developers. Our goal is to build professional B2B services that are easy to use for both customers and voice talents. By working with professional talents in streamlined platforms you will not only get better service and professional results but also save both time and money. 

Voicemachine - Voice over made easy!

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